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books by kantor

Several of Kantor’s books are available through The University of Akron Press, Akron, OH.

  • 1924. Principles of psychology (Vol. I). New York: Knopf.
  • 1926. Principles of psychology (Vol. II). New York: Knopf.
  • 1929. An outline of social psychology. Chicago: Follett. Note: The whole book appears to be available as part of the Mead Project.
  • 1933. A survey of the science of psychology. Bloomington, IN: Principia Press.
  • 1936. An objective psychology of grammar. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.
  • 1945. Psychology and logic (Vol. I). Bloomington, IN: Principia Press.
  • 1947. Problems of physiological psychology. Bloomington, IN: Principia Press.
  • 1950. Psychology and logic (Vol. II). Bloomington, IN: Principia Press.
  • 1953. The logic of modern science. Bloomington, IN: Principia Press.
  • 1958. Interbehavioral psychology. Bloomington, IN: Principia Press. (Rev. ed. 1959)
  • 1967. Psicologia interconductual: Un ejemplo de construccion cientifica sistematica (2nd ed). Principia Press.
  • 1963. The scientific evolution of psychology (Vol. I). Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1969. The scientific evolution of psychology (Vol. II). Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1971. The aim and progress of psychology and other sciences: A selection of papers by J. R. Kantor. Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1975. with Smith, N. W. The science of psychology: An interbehavioral survey. Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1977. Psychological linguistics. Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1981. Interbehavioral philosophy. Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1982. Cultural psychology. Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1983. Tragedy and the event continuum. Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1984. Psychological comments and queries. Chicago: Principia Press.
  • 1984. Selected writings in philosophy, psychology and other sciences, 1929-1983. Chicago: Principia Press.
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