Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines for the submissions to

  1. Conductual publishes original, theoretical or applied research in the field of interbehavior and Behavior Analysis approaches.

  2. Manuscripts should be original and not submitted at the same time to another publication. With their submission the authors give their permission to for the publication and dissemination of their articles under a Creative Commons license. There are no submission or article processing charges for this journal.

  3. The available languages for the articles admission are: Spanish, English and Portuguese. The texts must include, at least, the abstract in English. If the article is in a language other than English, the abstract must be in English and the language of the article.

  4. The views expressed in the published papers are solely the responsibility of their authors.

  5. The article contents should be adapted to the criteria of scientific and professional ethics.

  6. The original manuscript submissions must be sent to the Conductual General Editors through the email we will provide. The contact web page allows the authors to establish a first contact with the Journal or to resolve other issues they may encounter.

  7. The overall style, references and the presentation must follow the criteria established by the American Psychological Association 6th Edition.

  8. Documents will only be accepted in electronic format. Although the Journal supports different types of current word processing software , the delivery is preferable in Word format for standard track corrections to be carried out.

  9. Given the journal format, after the manuscript approval for publication by the Editors, we ask the authors to send us a photo ID for publication.

  10. The manuscripts must be presented in conformity with the following structure:

    1. The first page: Title, name and surname of the authors, name and address of the institution where they work, full address of the corresponding authors including email, possible appreciation comments, and  the article short title.

    2. On the second and third pages: title, abstract and keywords in at least English . The abstract should not exceed 200 words and should be descriptive of the content and the main results.

    3. In the following pages: the main content and the references should be on a separate page at the end. Tables and figures can be placed at the end of the article so long as they are given proper reference. Footnotes must be placed at the end of each page.

  11. Authors are encouraged to avoid references or comments that might help identify the author or authors of the text. The publisher reserves the right to edit these references in order to obtain more transparent reviews. A basic workflow for the process publication is presented below.

  12. The manuscripts will be audited by two independent reviewers that shall meet the deadlines for the completion of revisions and forward their findings to the editors of the journal. The editors will convey to the authors any necessary further changes. Those authors whose work has been selected in the previous issues are encouraged to review at least one article of the current issue.

  13. The deadlines for delivery as well as for final revisions and corrections are:

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Basic Workflow for publication

In the below image a basic workflow of the process for article publication in Conductual is presented. For further details, please contact us

Article publication Workflow

 Jorge Campo and José Manuel Del Valle, General Editors,