Analysis of sequential patterns of stereotypy and variability in human conditional discrimination tasks

The validity of experimentally analyze behavioral stereotypy and variability in humans and non-human species has been well-documented in the operant literature (e,g., Neuringer, 2004). Although stereotypy and variability have sometimes been examined separately, these two forms of behavior are often confronted. In the first case, persistence in repetition responses can lead to aberrant behavior of an obsessive or addictive type (among other behavioral disorders). Variability, in contrast, has been associated with behaviors that lead to originality, creativity or inventiveness.


Entrenamiento de variabilidad y estereotipia

Zepeda-Riveros, I., & Martínez-Sánchez, H.. (2013). Entrenamiento de variabilidad y estereotipia. Conductual, 1(1), 51-71. presented at the 01/04/2013.

El estudio de la variabilidad y estereotipia conductual humana recientemente ha tenido un interés creciente. Ha sido bien documentado que tanto la variabilidad como la estereotipia conductual pueden ser entrenadas en humanos y otras especies y que las consecuencias pueden ejercer un control diferencial sobre la conducta de variar, o bien de repetir (Neuringer, 2002).